Linea di produzione

1. We analyze your PROCESSES 

  • Planning and scheduling of production orders
  • Production Cycles and phases management
  • Quality and Traceability management
  • Monitoring and maintenance of production equipments
  • Logistic Labels (SSCC), handling unit management, packaging and shipment
  • Production statistics and reports
  • Production processes optimization by applying advanced manufacturing techniques such as kan-ban input lines, or production areas organized with “Lean” Production philosophy.

       2. We connect to your PRODUCTION LINESDispositivi di campo

  • Many years of experience in automation solutions
  • Mechanical / electrical / software design
  • Modeling of Production Plants, End-production-lines design
  • Installation of PLC, scales, labelers, robots, RFID portals, Scanner, shapes control…
  • SW and communication protocols development , data concentrators,
    sniffing on Ethernet and serial connections, OPC standard
  • Wireless terminals equipment, PDAs, tablet PCs, TouchPanel, for the interaction with operators

Cruscotto di produzione

3. We store your production DATA and we give you ADDED VALUE

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI), downtime, productivity…
  • Massive historicization of production data in industrial database
  • Supervisory dashboards and real time data control, on local or remote systems
  • TRACEABILITY operations and materials used in line
  • Using MES (Manufactory Execution System) standard platforms with a worldwide success, whit products certifications (Wonderware System Platform) providing flexible and scalable solutions

4. Our proposal

It is divided into two complementary strands:

  •    the design and implementation of systems oriented to the control of large systems, systems based on the intenational technology platform of Wonderware, whose LCS is a certified partner.
  •    CPEasy, the MES powerful and versatile system, aimed at both little & medium companies and large companies, able to grow in parallel with the growth of the company’s needs.

CPEasy is available in two versions, Lite and Enterprise, see the table with the available features.

Simple solutions for complex processes also!

Simple solutions for complex processes! Discover why choose LCS! or contact us and share with our Product Manager your real requirements, we will study an ad-hoc solution for you.