Upgrading and automation to maintain and increase business competitiveness.

LCS develops the complete solution applying particular care to the engineering phase of the automation solution.


We automate bridge cranes for the transport and management of heavy loads, creating complete solutions that include both electromechanical and software interventions.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the industry, we apply all our experience in the field of automatic cranes both at WMS and WCS level up to the PLC and to the electrical and on-board machine engineering.

We also offer 24/7 electromechanical, software and IT assistance and maintenance services.


Bridge cranes are special cartesian robots with high lifting capacities. The capacities can vary from a few hundred kilos up to several tens of tons. Given the considerable weight handled, it is intuitive to imagine the great value of each individual load unit.
In this perspective, it is very important not to damage the shifted load and at the same time optimize the space to increase the density and therefore the storage capacity. Therefore, it is essential to use automatic bridge cranes that allow large loads to be handled precisely and reliably.

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Automatic warehouses built with bridge cranes are usually segregated and the units stored are superimposed. Overhead cranes can have a sliding length (X) of over 200m, a gauge (Y) of up to over 40m and a lifting length (Z) of over 10m. The gripper units (grippers or special tools) are designed according to the load unit to be moved and can be electromagnetic (for metal loads), vacuum (for paper reels), gripper (for special loads) or others. In general, each type of socket per load unit must be engineered ad hoc.

Particular care is applied to the engineering phase of the automation solution as it is necessary to encompass: risk analysis, precision of handling, reliability and robustness of the solution, durability, ease of use, accurate diagnostics.

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