Reconciliation between passenger and baggage is a fundamental security procedure, aimed at ensuring that no baggage travels without the relevant passenger, because the contents of such baggage could pose a threat.

LCS provides complete and integrated hardware-software solutions for the baggage reconciliation procedure, from design to software development to implementation and maintenance of the system.

Baggage at destination

Thanks to our baggage reconciliation system, we are able to better manage the baggage-passenger reconciliation process for airports of all sizes, providing real-time information to handlers, airlines and airports.

LCS is the leader in Italy and boasts the largest number of successful installations operating on very different contexts:

2013 Bologna Airport (6 Mil. pax/year)
Reconciliation system with 30 handhelds

2011 Milan Linate Airport (9 Mil. pax/year)
Reconciliation system with 50 handhelds

2008 Malpensa Airport Terminal 2 (20 Mil. pax/year)
Reconciliation system with 50 handhelds

2007 Turin Airport (3.5 Mil. pax/year)
Reconciliation system with 5 handhelds

2003-2006 Pisa Airport (4 Mil. pax/year)
Reconciliation system with 5 handhelds

2001-2005 Venice Airport (7 Mil. pax/year)
Reconciliation system with 66 fixed readers

2004 Malpensa Airport Terminal 1 (20 Mil. pax/year)
Reconciliation system with 250 handhelds


In addition to the basic security oriented features, LogiBRS is a professional tool that allows you to make the process of baggage management more efficient through the following features:

  • Graphic layouts that allow real-time process monitoring
  • Baggage tracking, which allows you to report in real time any luggage that is in a location where it should not be, avoiding incorrect loading/boarding and facilitating the detection of lost luggage
  • Possibility to track in detail all the operations performed during all phases of the process, providing objective data necessary to resolve any disputes between airport operator, handler, airlines, etc.
  • Statistics and reports on the performance of the operating process, which allow to highlight any areas of possible improvement
  • Information management and communication: the system is able to provide information about the process to all interested parties in various ways: standard IATA messaging, Mail, XML, MS Excel files, pdf, etc.

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LogiBRS baggage reconciliation system is based on a modular architecture that is well suited to any type of airport.

LogiBRS is seamlessly integrated with LCS LogiBHS package for baggage handling process management.

LogiBRS reconciliation system complies with IATA and ICAO regulations and is complete with all functions for both BHS and on-board activities.


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