Cartiere del Garda SpA

LCS, as part of a project with Demag as main contractor, was responsible in 2011 for restructuring and renewing the automatic warehouse coils of Cartiere del Garda (Riva del Garda – TN), a company specialized in the production of coated woodfree paper with high printing performance.

The operation of revamping was carried out in 10 days, with full warehouse, because Cartiere del Garda could not afford to block the production cycle for too long time, or to empty the automatic warehouse. So they decided to make a “pit stop” in August, when an eventual interruption of the production cycle, if precisely expected and respected, it would not have created too many problems.
The reasons that caused the revamping project were many: the electronic components were obsolete and their maintenance or replacement required more time. The   probability of a system failure was already high, as the possibility of a coils damage due to the little precision of the system in the deposit and withdrawal operations. In the event of a sudden stop, diagnostic systems did not allow to trace the source. The cooling systems and manual controls no longer worked properly. The supervision system was dated and the deposit level of visibility was nonexistent. Many problems that impacted negatively on the line performance and, therefore, the entire company performance.

The primary function of the system is to collect the coils in output from the production and to deposit them where the system expected to be placed and, in parallel, to feed the cutting department taking the coils in stock and depositing them on a rollers system, directed towards the cutters that will turn them into reams of paper.

All this happens thorough a bridge crane driven by a management software. The structure, which runs on a pair of rails for the entire length of the building, is equipped with a cart, under which are placed two independent winch groups, able to “hook” the coils without causing them any damage. But the most interesting aspect of the system in use at Cartiere del Garda, is the level of accuracy achieved in the deposit and withdrawal operations. Placing the coils in location assigned by the management software, means in fact placing them with millimetric precision within the narrow chimneys that are formed between the various stacks of coils already in the warehouse.

Furthermore, there is also the need to vacate a line different from time to time to allow the cleaning of the tank, but also of the support base which, in most cases, is formed by another coil on which the “docked “must be stacked, avoiding misalignment that may cause unstable” column “. Such precision is guaranteed by a laser sighting system that LCS has redesigned and improved, reducing the margin of error.

In 10 days the automated warehouse of Cartiere del Garda was back in great form and the task of revamping has generated a significant improvement in performance on stock (35 to more than 45 cycles / hour). The communication from the ground to the edge of the bridge crane, before made via cable was built in wi-fi and, thanks to the new real-time monitoring system, handling activities are constantly under control. The number of failures has dropped so much that when a fault occurs, technicians and maintenance staff are amazed.

For this reason, Cartiere del Garda has decided to assign LCS a new task: to renew the handling plant supervisor of the cutting department.