Artsana SpA

Artsana Group is an important Italian company that brings together several different brands of children’s products like Chicco, Prenatal, Boppy. Chicco is today a market leader in baby care and it is one of the top ten Italian brand among the consumer goods in the world, a cross brand that divides the turnover between the different business areas covered by its products: juvenile (walking, car safety and home), nursing (breastfeeding, sucking, basic childcare products and cosmetics), games, clothing and shoes.
In addition, Artsana is also active in Health & Beauty, with brands Pic Solution, Serenity, Licia and Control.

LCS realized several projects for Artsana, historical company client.
Currently LCS is working on the revamping of 1 stacker crane within the automated warehouse, while in 2011 it managed the upgrade of other system components; previously, in 2009, LCS carried out the modernization project of 1 stacker crane and, between 1998 and 2000, the modernization of 8 stacker cranes and the conveyor system.
The first project dates back to 1976-1978, with the warehouse automation with 5 stacker cranes/14 corridors, 5 bridges transshipment; then, in 1983 a similar project was realized with 2 stacker cranes/8 corridors and 2 transhipment bridges. In 1990, LCS implemented the warehouse automation project with 1 stacker cranes for boxes, in 1993 the warehouse automation with 6 stacker cranes and in 1996 the same project with 2 stacker cranes.
Today LCS takes care of maintenance and support activities.