Bologna Airport

LCS, in collaboration with Siemens, ended in June 2013 the design and realization of the new baggage handling system for Bologna Airport (S.A.B. SpA) , which can potentially manage the displacement of 2,500 baggage per hour.

The BHS, Baggage Handling System, which consists of three sorting lines and has a capacity of 10 million cases per year, allows full traceability of the baggage from the check-in counter to the aircraft, thanks to a scanner system for barcode automatic reading present on the cases. The new system will also allow to speed up security checks: to walk 2 kilometers of tapes, go under 5 X-ray machines and the screening of the Security operators, each case will take from 6.5 to 8 minutes.

Thanks to the new system, combined with a wireless system of baggage reconciliation, operators can reduce load times and margins of error in the handling of checked baggage.

The automatic sorting of baggage along different paths, but in the same physical location than the previous system, will enable a more efficient management in times of increased traffic. Finally, in case of failure of a ribbons line, the system is able to automatically move the baggage on the other functioning lines. All this, thanks to a 24/24 monitoring software system.