By experience LCS checked that the availability of electronical devices quickly decreases on average after 10 years of life. Moreover, the more complicated the system is, the faster the probability of fault increases during years.

How can LCS help you?

LCS is specialized in refurbishment, a renovation activity which allows updating the technological state of the installation in order to modernize handling systems.

The revamping operation carried out by LCS guarantees the greatest effectiveness with no impacts on production.

Thank to a revamping run by LCS:

  1. you will increase system availability (less system stops);
  2. you will solve the problem of unobtainable spare parts;
  3. you will be able to modify exixsting functionalities and to add new ones to adapt the system to present production requirements (ex. numeric control);
  4. you will improve performance and safety of installations making them more productive and efficient;
  5. you will guarentee the observance of the law (Dlgs 81/2008 e 2006/42/CE)


Depending on requirements, the revamping can be:

  • Mechanical: some mechanical parts are changed/modified leaving the electrical part unchanged
  • Electrical: obsolete electrical parts are changed/modified with no changes in the control software
  • PLC: only the PLC hardware can be changed or its software as well
  • Supervision: the supervision system is re-engineered and developed all over again. New funcionalities are added, keeping the old ones.
  • WMS: the warehouse management system is re-engineered and developed alla over again. The former warehouse map is kept. Database can be preserved or updated. Functionalities and strategies are improved while keeping all the existing ones.
  • CE marking: it often happens that old systems have no CE marking or that they need a marking update. In these situations it is possible to intervene at all levels to get a new certification. The range goes from a simple check of the marking to a situation where it is necessary to implement modifications, even mechanical ones, in order to maintain the marking. It often happens that it is necessary to improve the security level of the installation with no mechanical changes.

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