Software for warehouse logistics management

If we analyse market’s requirements, we realize that product quality or product price aren no more the only required characteristics to guarantee one company’s competitiveness. As a matter of fact, today new distinguishing elements like punctuality and delivery efficiency are very important.

But that’s not enough!

It is necessary to respect financial goals, safeguarding the optimization of operational costs, stock levels both of components and finished products, thus increasing the efficacy of the whole logistic chain.

Logiware – The solution proposed by LCS

LCS (Logica Consulting & Solutions) offers an application solution named Logiware, based on barcodes and Radio Frequency terminals, for physical and logistic management of materials stored in production and distribution warehouses.

Logiware is installed on a Windows platform and, in its “lite” version, it can be used very soon and allows to manage automatically the following main basic activities:

  • Goods in  
  • “Free” stock of goods
  • Full and “driven” partial picking
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Physical inventory

As a consequence we get a set of benefits which allow a minimization of operative costs and a rise in the logistic system’s efficiency, such as:

  • Real time availability of data related to goods handling and stock in warehouse
  • Material traceability  by SKU
  • Shipping order traceability starting from their own generation to truck loading
  • Elimination of paper-based procedures
  • Rise in productivity of warehouse operations
  • Better warehouse space occupation 
  • Respect of shipping delivery dates
  • Correctness of  shipments against customer order request (SKU / q.ty)
  • Proper physical inventory stocks
  • Elimination of periodic physical inventories

Professionalism and skills of LCS team in the Automation Solutions area, developed through installations in different fields, allow us to offer a set of services for companies, including a wide range of activities:

  • Detailed analysis of existing procedures in order to evaluate their efficiency, with information about possible cost savings which can be reached implementing a management solution.
  • Preliminary projects related to possible process optimizations in warehouses, to logistic layout review, and to a wise choise of automatic solutions aimed at increasing the current productivity.
  • Shared project development and management, specific training, on site start-up assistance and after-sale remote hotline.

The WMS solution is completely integrated with MES, the LCS package for production management and control!

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