Why having a M.E.S.

Although we are in a situation of a declining market with a uncertain demand for unpredictability and discontinuity, the competition between companies is even more marked by the need for greater efficiency of service required.

In fact, the timeliness and accuracy in delivery, guaranteed by optimum traceability of materials and products store, are the main requirements of the current market.

Consequently, the element “flexibility”, seen as rapid information to know the progress of the Order in its various stages of production and shipping, becomes a motive for the classification and differentiation of a company.

Observe the requested delivery dates means to schedule production events according to finite capacity logics, planning goods receivments of different suppliers, sequence work orders to release in production monitoring in real time its progress and quickly remove problems to respect end production data scheduled.

It’s very important to optimize costs with the goal of produce what is needed increasing the supply chain efficiency.

Realize all these concepts is possible!

The first step is to computerize your production lines, this is the reason that push, starting from the third millennium, every production site to install a MANUFACTORY EXECUTION SYSTEM (MES).

The MES is a software platform that combines a set of features for:

  1. Model your Production Plant

  2. Connect your production machines to this platform
  3. Exchange data with your production lines and, using radio devices (such as PDAs, barcode readers, etc.), manage and control the entire production cycle.

Other advantages that a MES can bring to you:

> Batch Traceability and Serial Number in accordance with the law;
> Elimination of paper procedures;
> Reduced production delays, waste and rework;
> Optimized management of stocks;
> Optimization of machine load, and availability / resources balance;
> Correct allocation of costs for manufacturing operations;
> Reduced downtime for preventive maintenance visibility;
> Immediate visibility on-line to the commercial structure of the state of customer orders;
> Reduction of energy consumption;
> Reduce errors and time, recording data in a automatic way;
> Ability to real time reaction to factory events.

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