Software for production management & control

Everything under control with one click!

LCS integrates production management software and supervision systems and data collection for all companies who want to facilitate the tasks of production management. All hardware and software components are managed directly from LCS.

The producWEB_LCS-chiapparoli_MG_9487tion management  program stands out for its ease of use, excellent interface usability and the stability of the client / server. The procedures of supervisory and data collection of LCS can, however, be modified according to the needs of each customer, to better adapt the software functionality to the activities of individual companies. In this way the production management software of LCS can be used not only by companies of medium and large dimension, but they can also be implemented on many other industries.

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LCS also provides an assistance service 8 × 5 (8 hours per day for 5 days per week), but also a full-time service 24 × 7, including holidays. We also have an active remote assistance system to solve problems directly via Internet.

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