Software for production and logistics

Supply chain management and control

We optimize material and financial processes

We are a single partner for the whole process, from production and control management, to storage, to shipment. We guarantee perfect solution integration and interface reliability, thus saving time and resources.


We put all under your control

In Production:

  • planning and scheduling of production orders;
  • management of cycles and processing phases;
  • quality and traceability management;
  • machines/production lines monitoring
  • and maintenance;
  • logistics labeling [SSCCI], cargo unit, packaging
  • and shipping management;
  • production declarations and production statistics;
  • production processes optimization.

In warehouse:

  • management of master data;
  • map management of the warehouse;
  • strategies of handling deposits and withdrawals and maintenance;
  • optimization of the picking and shipping management;
  • Inventory management
  • production processes optimization.

We digitize your data

Our solutions are based on MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and WMS (Warehouse Management System) software, developed according to industry standards and customized to meet your needs.