Automatic handling systems

Automatic handling systems are for LCS something more than a simple reduction in labor costs. The most important aspect is the complete elimination of manual labor and its inherent problems, thus achieving a high quality product.

In general, the main advantages of an automatic handling system for materials and products are:

• perfect loop closure that goes “from production to shipping”
• immediate improvement in the quality of products
greater efficiency and safety in the flow of products
• significant reduction in labor cost, ensuring rapid return on investment (3-4 year payback)
• significant gain of space in the plant
• real-time control of the automatic handling system
monitoring of system data processing and just-in-time, flexibility
cleaner, more ordered and more efficient production environment

LCS can offer you a perfect partnership to implement the automatic handling system that fully meets your needs, in order to create a structure that is a measure of the system. A great experience and collaboration with leading companies in their field, make our team experienced and able to meet any need.

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