Stacker cranes


The stacker cranes are special three-axis robots used in automated warehouses. They consist of a rail-truck that moves on rails between two rows of shelving with the size of very narrow corridor. On that there is the body taken which usually consists of two telescopic forks.

The stacker cranes can reach heights of 45 meters, with speeds up to 240 meters per minute, ensuring millimetric accuracy in pick or drop phase. In the longitudinal direction the corridor can reach lengths of 200 meters.

These results are made possible by increasingly precise mechanical and by an on board electonical command that does the real-time control. The stacker cranes can be single column or double column.

Structurally differ depending on the load that must be carried, both in terms of weight sizes. The stacker cranes used for handling light goods are called “miniload”.

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Types of stacker cranes:

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Structure of the Kardex Mlog stacker cranes