Shoe sorters

The VanRiet shoe sorters belong to the category of sorting systems with a high output.

The benefits of the VanRiet High Capacity Shoe Sorters:

  1. they are the fastest and quietest available on the market with a maximum speed of 2 m/s with a corresponding sound level of 72 DbA;
  2. they are available with closed and open sorting table;
  3. the standardized modular approach, both as regards mechanical and controls, ensures that the sorters can be integrates without effort in new or existing systems;
  4. the maintenance is minimal, thanks to the simple construction of the steel and aluminum components;
  5. they are constructed of flexible polyurethane, so that contact with product could have a minimal impact;
  6. they are able to sort packages with a lenght between 100 mm and 2.000 mm and maximum width of 1.000 mm.

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