The handling of such complex issues requires a high competence in the design and development of systems for automatic handling and storage. For this reason LCS realizes within itself all the necessary software.

Finally, the IT system: the nerve center of any logistics solution. To succeed in the integration of a WMS (Warehouse Management System), rely on standard software is not enough.

To achieve the desired results requires a solution capable of managing mixed environments in which, for example, one or more manual stores are joined to one or more automated warehouses, perhaps served by complex conveyors circuits and automated guided vehicles (AGV / LGV).

LogiMHS (Material Handling System) is a modular solution for managing and handling of materials. It offers high scalability, maximum customization options and the availability of many specialized modules including:

  • Logiware for the physical management of the automatic wharehouse
  • LogiCon for the supervision and control of stacker cranes and conveyors
  • LogiDrive for the supervision and control of automatic guided vehicles
  • LogiCrane for the supervision and control of cranes
  • LogiTrasp per for the control of automatic handling systems
  • LogiTraslo for the control of stacker cranes
  • SCADA implementation of the principal market SCADA