Industrial automation systems

Industrial electronic automation: LCS, the partner for your automation project

LCS has been a reliable partner in many different sectors, from food to pharmaceutical, from manufacturing to textile, from distribution to production.

A solution for reliable, cheap and fast logistics, requires a symbiosis between mechanical, electronic and computer systems.

Through the use of proven but innovative technology, LCS is able to provide solutions for businesses of all sizes, designed to fit perfectly to the existing situations, promoting maximum performance and reducing costs.

LCS designs and develops “turnkey” industrial automation systems and handling automation systems (industrial electronic automation) from a situation of “green grass” or within existing buildings.

The activities the LCS places during a project of “material handling” are the following:
Data analysis, which can be supplied by the customer or developed by LCS itself on the basis of “historical data”; materials receipt flow analysis, storage and materials shipment analysis, analysis of references to manage (size, seasonality, ABC of products, etc..) and of type of “load unit” to handle
Looking for the best solution on the basis of the analyzed data and the available space
• Total designing of the chosen solution

  • shelving
  • stacker cranes (pallets / boxes or cartons)
  • handling systems (conveyors for pallets / boxes or cartons)
  • “high performance” picking bays
  • AGV forklift
  • self-propelled barges with rails on the ground or suspended
  • sorter for packages sorting
  • industrial electronics automation software and management system

Validation of the designed solution using simulation tools
Involvement of “partner” companies or any sub-contractors
Implementation of the project
Site Management
Start-up assistance
After-sales service and spare parts management

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