Fast picking solutions

The fast picking system is applied in contexts where goods storage automatic systems are expected, operating under the concept of ‘goods-to-man’. Such automatic systems consist of automatic stacker cranes that move 60 × 40 boxes and feed one or more fast picking bays.

The fast picking bay is an operator station directly connected to the automatic warehouse, from which it receives boxes containing the goods to be collected. In the bay they are arranged horizontally more shipping containers coming from special automatic line or manually entered by the operator.

Alternatively, it is possibile to have cardboard boxes suitable for shipping (pick & pack), coming from boxes producing machines boxes or formed manually by the operator assigned to the picking.

As support for the operator, a video can be installed where it is possible to see the picking missions that have to be carried out for each tray containing the goods to be taken that arrives in the bay:
• article
• description
• location/s shipping package/s where the taken article must be placed
• quantity for each individual shipping item

In addition to video, it is possible to equip the workplace with a “put-to-light” system, bright displays that are installed behind the shipping packages and light to show the operator where the picked goods must be placed. Furthermore, they have a mask where the quantities to insert in the package are indicated. It is also possible to install sensors “items counter” as validation of the quantity inserted in the neck.

The main features of a fast picking system are:
• performance up to 1,000 order lines per operator per hour. This data depends on the number of orders in the bay and the number of pieces for each picking mission
• fast learning of operating modes by the operator
• optimal ergonomics, because the picking activities are carried out in line and then with only lateral displacements and no torso rotation
optimum working height for the operator and any possibility to install an adjustable platform in height

• constant level of productivity over time
• high precision and safety, due to light systems “put to-light”, the video and the optical picking detection systems