Bridge cranes automation

The bridge cranes are particular Cartesian robots with large lifting capacity. The maximum load may vary from a few hundred kilos up to several tens of tons. Given the considerable weight moved, it is intuitive to imagine the great value of each load unit.
For this reason, it is very important not to damage the moved load and, at the same time, optimize the space to increase density and thus increase the storage capacity. Therefore, it is essential to use automatic bridge cranes that allow to handle large loads in an accurate and reliable way.

The automated warehouses made of cranes are characterized by being isolated and stored units are superimposed. The cranes can have running length (X) over 200m, length (Y) to over 40m and lifting (Z) over 10m. The clamping unit (pliers or special tools) are depending on the load unit to move, and may be electromagnets (for metal loads), depression (for paper rolls), clamp (for special loads) or more. In general, any clamping unit must be engineered ad hoc.

LCS applies all its experience in the automatic bridge cranes, both for WMS and WCS level, up to the PLC and then electrical design and electrical installation the machine.

Special care is applied to the engineering phase of the automation specially for: risk analysis, handling accuracy, solution reliability and robustness, durability, ease of use, accurate diagnostics.