Packaging lines

WEB_LCS-chiapparoli_MG_9609The packaging lines systems allow:
• complete integrated automation of fulfillment and shipping procedures
to speed up the shipping process, through the drastic reduction of manual tasks
• a significant reduction of errors

Their function is final managing ok packages set up in picking activities, carried out in special bays of automated warehouses, or by “look and pick” picking lights systems, or via traditional Radio Frequency systems.

The sequence of functions and automatic operations is the following:
bar codes use for identification of the packages prepared in picking step
packages handling with driven roller and belt conveyors
• automatic identification of the package by laser scanner reading of barcode label, applied during the picking preparation step
• package weight detection/control through balance
• package automatic closing by taping, strapping etc.
• package automatic labeling with possibility to print recognition and/or shipment data both in clear that in barcode
• package volume detection/control
• package sorting on the accumulation lines (product/courier/customer ….) for automatic/manual palletizing
association of the package to the pallet (product /courier/customer ….)
archiving and transfer data to Company Host for note/packing list printing