Automatic warehouses

In a period focused on just in time production and customer satisfaction, logistics has become one of the most important elements for company competitiveness.

According to a recent analysis of SDA Bocconi School of Management, logistic costs affect company turnover between 1,52% and 46%, depending on product wheight and volume characteristics.

Even a little reduction of their impact on costs can mean profit increment and therefore the role of technology and warehouse automaton has particular importance in contexts which are characterized by high complexity of logistic operations and strong stability of performance.

Why changing to an automatic warehouse with LCS?

LCS offers solutions and systems for automatic warehouse management, in order to have a steady and real time control of all flows of stored goods.

Calculating the Return of Investment (R.O.I.),  the cost amortization period is about 3 to 5 years while advantages in terms of efficiency will be immediately clear, because an automatic warehouse:

  • increases the level of service as it increases picking and material handling efficiency
  • allows a cost reducion in terms of less occupied space (vertical instead of horizontal development) if compared to a manual warehouse
  • allows  a lower number of operators and a reduction of errors in material handling
  • allows full, quick and on time deliveries because logistic performances are optimized

Automatic storage is quick and accurate with LCS’s systems!

LCS designs and realizes automated warehouses. Thanks to a great group experience and a deep knowledge of the industry, LCS is able to create customized solutions for automated warehouses that fit the company’s specific needs.
Starting from a careful needs analysis, LCS designs and manufactures functional and efficient automated warehouses based on the use of standard components and thus ensuring excellent quality of materials and management software.
With LCS tecnolgies is possible to realize the automated goods storage thanks to extreme precision automated systems, as the pallet carrier or the stacker crane. LCS has within itself all the necessary know-how and an experienced team who can find the right solution for each different need for automated warehouse.
The mechanical is ensured by an exclusive contract with KardexMLOG Stuttgart, while the automation and software are developed within the company. A combination of excellence for a product that increases the processes efficiency.

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