Baggage handling system

Born from decades of experience in the field gained through collaboration with Mannesmann Demag, today Siemens Industry Sector Mobility Division Logistic Infrastructure, the baggage management & control system of LCS operates the baggage handling process in the most efficient way providing real-time all information to the handlers, airlines and airports.

The baggage management & control system LogiBHS is able to manage any type of plant made up of conveyors belts, trays, sorters incorporating x-ray machines, explosive control, etc..

Being able to provide all the the automation level starting from the electrical system, PLC software until the manager of the baggage sorting LCS ensures to obtain the maximum from the mechanical installation in terms of  performances of baggage flow, accuracy of tracking and monitoring / supervision of the process.

LCS is a leader in Italy and boasts the largest number of installations running on very different airport sizes:

aeroporti gestiti da lcs

New approach: LogiBHS is a working tool that allows you to make the baggage management and sorting process more efficient through the following available features:

  • Path optimization of baggage on the plants
  • Graphic layouts that allow the process monitoring in real time
  • Baggage tracking, that allows to report in real time any bags that are in a location where they should not be facilitating the discovery of lost baggage
  • Detailed trace on all operations performed during all phases of the process provides objective data needed to resolve any disputes between airport operator, handlers, airlines, etc.
  • Statistics and reports on process management performance that can highlight any areas for improvement
  • Information management and distribution: the system can distribute information about the baggage sorting process at all interested parties in different modes: standard IATA Messaging, Mail, XML, MS Excel file, pdf, etc..

The baggage management & control system LogiBHS is based on a modular architecture that is well adapted to each type of plant and airport.

LogiBHS is fully integrated with the LCS package for managing the process of baggage reconciliation LogiBRS.

RFID ready!

LogiBHS is able to operate simultaneously with the bar-code and RFID reading system and obtain maximum performance from both systems.

The baggage management & control system LogiBHS is conform with IATA and ICAO reference.