Storage of food products: warehouse guidelines

The storage of food products is a fundamental phase in order to guarantee their shelf life. The purpose is twofold: on the one hand to ensure the wholesomeness of products, avoiding the minimum risk for consumers; on the other hand, preventing any waste of food, which in addition to representing damage to the environment, also has consequences from an economic point of view.


LCS supports Green Warehousing

LCS designs and manufactures green automatic warehouses and material handling systems. We engineer sustainable solutions on an economic, environmental and social level. We believe in the concept of Green Warehousing. Contact us for further information and consulting: https://www.lcsgroup.it/en/contacts/ THE CONCEPT Green Warehousing can be defined as the cluster of technological and organizational solutions designed to…


We Donate Daily Bread

This Christmas, as in the previous years, LCS devolves the amount usually intended for Christmas gifts to charity, in favour of the association Pane Quotidiano. A small gesture to give something to many. Happy Holidays! The association Pane Quotidiano Founded in Milan in 1898, Pane Quotidiano is a secular, apolitical, non-partisan and non-profit organization, whose primary…