Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica – The packages shipping installation at high added value


An automatic line-end based on the “Lean Production” theory

“Making lean manufacturing processes simplifying them to the maximum, halving costs through elimination of steps that don’t add value, and improving the service quality provided to the customer.”

The definition of ” Lean Production ” seems to be the ideal one to describe the benefits obtained by Silvano Chiapparoli Logistica, an established logistics company in the pharmaceutical industry with 6 locations across the country, which decided to implement an automatic set-up and shipping packages in Livraga, by Lodi.

WEB_LCS-chiapparoli_MG_9569Automatic line project

The project guidelines were drafted in the early months of 2012 from the same customer. LCS, on the basis of such guidelines, developed a detailed proposal respecting all the physical constraints (columns, carts and pedestrian passages, emergency exits) of the building where they would set up the system.

LCS’s proposal was relative to the design and implementation of the whole line, starting from the mechanical components and parcel packaging machinery, electrical installation for the control part, up to the line supervision automation software interfaced with customer WMS.

A critical issues encountered in the plant implementation phase, was the lack of an empty area to carry out activities, but thanks to a detailed plan of mounting shared with all stakeholders of the project, it was decided to manage an implementation step by step, avoiding the customer to interrupt its productive activities.WEB_LCS-chiapparoli_MG_9609


What are the obtained advantages?

With the adoption of an automatic end of line used by all the ” squares “, once the parcel is released on the line, all activities of parcel closure, identification and persoWEB_LCS-chiapparoli_MG_5321nalization are performed in automatic and cascade way, without time interruption and with greater control.

Moreover, it was possible to insert in line special machines that have been generating a great added value to operations, such as the verification of the parcel weight, with the aim of certifying the content and the station of automatic detection of the parcel volume, allowing the customer a better costs control.

Today, the collaboration with Silvano Chiapparoli Logistics continues, as LCS takes care of the software maintenance and service.


Technical dataWEB_LCS-chiapparoli_MG_9665

  • Year of completion : 2013
  • Line length: about 120 meters
  • Control location theoretical /actual weight and deviation and if N.O.K.
  • 2 branches for automatic packages taping and labeling
  • 1 by-pass branch for packages already taped and labeled to shrink
  • Package volume detection location
  • 3 branches for automatic parcels thermo shrinking
  • 1 by-pass branch for packages that don’t need thermo shrinking
  • Sorting sorter with 10 outputs for courier
  • Software of line control and supervision connected with Host company, to transpose theoretical weight parcels, courier and communicate packages volume
  • Line performance: 900 packages / hour
  • Minimum and maximum packages sizes: 150x180xH150 – 600x700xH600
  • Minimum and maximum package weight: 0.5 Kg – 25 Kg

Project timing

  • Order to LCS: September 10, 2012
  • Mounting start: December 7, 2012
  • Production begin: January 14, 2013

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