Gefran – Processes optimization through software integration

Real-time monitoring and delivery times reduction

For nearly forty years, Gefran has been working in the field of automation components and industrial processes control systems, being today the industry leader. The company has its headquarters in Provaglio d’ Iseo and the activity of the group is made ​​up of four main business areas: sensors, components, automation platforms and motion control.

The choice of software integration

Gefran adopted several years ago, SAP ERP system for the group management, in particular modules for planning production and warehouse management.
machineIn this scenario , the company felt the need to find a solution for the departmental management of operations, which would be integrated directly with SAP modules: Cpeasy was the LCS’s response to Gefran’s needs.
The company requested the integration forms with SAP and the one of operator interface:

  •     Import – SAP updates in real time Cpeasy 2.6 which obtains personal data (bills of materials, cycles, phases, orders, confirmations, operators and machines, waste and downtime causals)
  •     Export – Cpeasy 2.6 provides to SAP all the updates relative to production (times, wastes, material spills, etc.)
  •     Operator interface – it is developed directly on Gefran production terminals (Windows XP Embedded), allows the operator to indicate the orders to produce and to collect the data in real time

The system allows the company to manage all the operations, from work orders dispatching to workstations (manual and automatic), to packing of the finished product. The departments Machining and Plastics Molding are controlled automatically through appropriate tabs that enable to acquire the produced/discarded quantities and the different machine states, interpreting them and managing events accordingly.
app for devices
Also on the operator terminal the machine status are displayed via graphical reports (traffic lights) with the ability to manually enter downtime and scraps cases and appropriate remarks for the operators of the next shifts.

Another feature implemented in Cpeasy 2.6 is the materials management that allows Gefran to record the materials or semi-finished consumption of materials in production (logical Back flashing), allowing the user to confirm or change the amount, stating also the possible waste of components or finished products. The generated movements allow the company to directly update the SAP warehouse.

Thanks to the expertise of the company’s IT department and to LCS’s support, the system is always maintained efficient and continuously updated in line with changing business needs.

What was the added value?
cablesThe monitoring is always punctual and in real time both on the production and on the warehouse situation.

Through the system all the enterprise can view the situation, from managerial and operational to operative levels. Other advantages obtained from Gefran after the implementation of Cpeasy were the elimination of a part of paperwork and the reduction of the data entry time and the possibility of error.

Today LCS deals with software maintenance activities.