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logo-ambrovitAutomate warehouse activities to maximize space and save time

Nuts, washers, bolts, self-drilling and self-tapping screws, stainless steel screws . These are only some of the products of Ambrovit, an Italian company founded in 1997 thanks to the initiative of some entrepreneurs in the screws field. The company carries out its activity at the headquarters of Garlasco (Pavia), and its products are aimed to uses in various sectors such as furniture industry, mechanical industry, civil and industrial roofing, furniture, hardware, shipyards and machinery for food use.

In the old prAmbrovit_MG_9330oduction site, storage was made ​on two-faced traditional shelves and picking operations were carried out through turret trucks with man on board.
Since the firm has seen in recent years a significant growth of its business, already rather cramped spaces have become insufficient and they had originally led to the choice to outsource a part of the warehouse activities.
But later Ambrovit chose to concentrate all activities in a new site, providing it with an automated system for the storage of palletized products to be able to fully monitor all processes and to achieve an increase in productivity of picking activities and all operating flows .

The new plant designAmbrovit_MG_9094
In 2009 the project to build a new plant in Garlasco was terminated, and it represents an industrial   work with an excellent technological content.

LCS, in close cooperation with partner Kardex Mlog Logistics Gmbh, attended Ambrovit in the complex path of planning, construction and management of the new automated warehouse with 4 stacker cranes, 25 meters high . The inputs and outputs of the load units from the automated warehouse are managed by two heads which operate at different levels in height to separate the input and output flows, so as to obtain greater efficiency in the movements.

What are the advantages?
The implementation of the automated warehouse has allowed the company to carry out the order fulfillment activities more easily and quickly . In fact, if before the operators moved around in the warehouse aisles using pickers to pick up the goods and fulfill orders, now the same goods move within the warehouse, thanks to stacker cranes and conveyor lines, to go directly to the plant employees, who work more ergonomically, and have less possibilities to make mistakes.
In addition , the new automated warehouse has greatly increased storage capacity , because the goods can be located up to 24 meters in height.

Thanks to the collaboration between LCS and the customer, it was possible to have an integrated management system in which all business processes are fully computerized and homogeneous. Today, LCS serves as an active partner and it is responsible for the automated warehouse maintenance activities management.

Technical data

Ambrovit_MG_9241 - CopiaYear of manufacturing of automated warehouse : 2009
Size: 2,000 square meters
Objective: storage and distribution of finished products
Client type : wholesalers / distributors / retail
Height under wire chain : 6.5 m (height standing: 24 m approximately)
Loading units stored : palletized unit loads (1,200 mm x 800 mm , h = 890 mm)
Maximum quantity in stock : 15,136 UDC
Movements per day: 120 UDC / h
Materials identification systems: barcode
Transmission systems given to operators : PC


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