Exclusive Partner in Italy

Agente Esclusivo MLog

Kardex Mlog is a German company leader in the production of stacker cranes and conveyors for pallets.

Agente Esclusivo Vanriet

VanRiet is a Dutch company that produces linear sorting systems.


Our Clients


Automatic Warehouses, Material Handling and Software Solutions for Warehouses

Automatic Warehouses

automatic warehouses

Design and turnkey supply of automatic handling
and storage systems

Software Solutions

software warehouses

Solutions for warehouse logistics management, with Rfid and voice technology

Electromechanical Installations

installazione elettromeccaniche

Design and installation of electrical and fluidic industrial plants, robotics

Robot Programming


Lines and machinery and machines for handling systems

Administrative and Marketing

servizi contabili

Services in the field of accounting, administrative, organizational and marketing


Baggage Handling System

smistamento e riconciliazione

Airport Solutions for baggages handling and reconciliation system

 Revamping Operation


Revamping operation for automatic warehouses and handling systems

Cabinets and Electrical Systems

electric and electronic cabinets

Design, installation and supply of electric and electronic cabinets

 Service – Maintenance


Maintenance and assistance services, 7 days multiplied by 24 hours per day